No Mercy

Mercy Hospital Elimination of Mental Health Beds

Since the closing of Singer Mental Health Center along North Main St. the city of Rockford has struggled ways that we medically treat and house both short and long-term services for those suffering from a host of mental health needs. Hospitals are supposed to offer short term patient care in our region, but many have come to learn that Mercy Health Javon Bea Hospital on Rockton Ave is limiting resources to area residents with total elimination of their mental health bed unit. Alderman Bill Rose (D) has been opposed to these measures, even writing a letter of opposition to the state board of health in advocating that these services stay on Rockton Avenue.

The Democratic Party has drawn a line in the sand with these kind of reductions in services because Hospitals serve the community, and with that expected high level of service they in turn receive hefty tax breaks at the local, state and federal levels. Locally we expect our hospitals to ensure that the needs of patients come before profits. Which is why our party is working to make sure that mental health services be available to all neighborhoods in our community.

Bill Rose, 9th Ward Alderman

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