Connection is Key, Neighbor

Connection is Key, Neighbor

We are better, together. As we move forward into 2020, we do so with the clarity of historical hindsight. Every victory for social evolution, from human rights to environmental protections, has been won by legions of individuals who lent their time, talents, and resources to realize a shared vision of betterment. Yet, despite the countless sacrifices made by those who came before us, and even those who are with us still, the dream of a nation united in liberty, with justice for all, remains unmet.

In the last several years, we’ve seen how vulnerable we are when we our leaders fail to reflect the values of the many, in favor of the few. History has shown, time and again, what happens when an electorate is divided in conscience and purpose.

We need not follow the pattern that would have us repeat history. We are a nation of dreamers and builders. And while there are those who would have us think and live small to serve their delusions of grandeur, we can dream a much larger dream. A dream where people and planet are prioritized over irresponsible and hazardous profit. A dream where basic needs are not a luxury to bestow, but a dignity to require. A dream that recognizes the infinite abundance that exists within and between us, and that public policy can be made to create a culture that fosters untapped potential within every community.

We have to our advantage a strength in numbers, if our numbers will vote. Our numbers need some convincing, because a growing contingent of people feel disconnected from any sense of influence or control over our governing bodies. The key for victory in 2020 and beyond may be as simple as our childhood mentor, Mr Rogers, would have us believe. We need to be good neighbors. We need to move our conversations from backyards to front stoops. We need to connect with our neighbors – talk with them, care about them, include them, learn what matters to them – not as a ploy to win elections, but as a practice to build community.

As we wrap up winter over the next six weeks, consider how you might serve as a catalyst for connection within your neighborhood, and as you venture further out into the world as the weather warms. We truly are better, together. And we’ll need to prove that come November and beyond.

Linda Lundquist