Candidate William Rose, 9th Ward

Candidate William Rose, 9th Ward

Who are you?

I am a teacher, community advocate, and alderman. With numerous degrees in education and knack for problem solving, I hope to make sweeping changes for Rockford residents in housing, business development and equity!

What position are you running for? 

9th Ward Alderman

Why are you running?

I am running because I got sick and tired of the same people and same results for area taxpayers. We deserve a city that is safe, growing and welcoming for all. 

What led you to this point in Rockford and your career?

My parents always taught us, “Remember where you come from,” which has taught me to believe in doing good for others, but also being a part of that change. 

What do you see as major issues in your ward?

Crime and business development are key to the Northwest side. People want nice grocery stores, thriving services like restaurants, libraries and schools. I intend to welcome in this generations new ideas to Northwest Rockford. 

What do you hope to accomplish if you win?

We are on the cusp of new development for the Northwest end, which means more jobs, sustainable living and lower crime. If we can deliver on those three items, Northwest Rockford will be an area where residents will want to raise their children. 

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