Candidate Paul Carpenter

Candidate Paul Carpenter

I decided to run for State’s Attorney because I could see that the same old message of being “tough-on-crime” was counterproductive to Public Safety. We know that we have to be smart on crime. I could see that the criminal justice system wasn’t working for too many people – – not for so many victims and survivors, not for too many offenders, and not for the safety of our community. 

We are at a unique time in history where we can actually make a difference in our community by implementing reforms that improve our community and make it safer. But the reforms won’t happen automatically. It’s going to take someone with knowledge of the processes, independence from political pressures, and the ability to bring people together and lead them to the reforms we need. We can’t waste this opportunity. We need a State’s Attorney who will hit the ground running, and not take a year or two to get used to the job.

I spent the last 9 ½ years in the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s office, and I know what’s working, and I know where improvements need made. Please check my website, for more information, or visit my Facebook page, Paul Carpenter for State’s Attorney. Please join us as we are Building a Safer Community. Thank you!

Paul Carpenter

Candidate for Winnebago County State’s Attorney

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