Candidate Gina Meeks, 12th Ward

Candidate Gina Meeks, 12th Ward

Who are you?

My name is Gina Meeks and I have lived in Rockford since 2000, currently residing in Edgewater with my partner Troy, and our two kids, Carter and Caleb. I am the Strong Neighborhood Coordinator with United Way of Rock River Valley and the former Membership Director of Rockford Country Club for 7 years. 

What position are you running for? 

Alderman in the 12th Ward

Why are you running? 

My life and career have been dedicated to serving my community, and being a voice for my neighbors in city government is another way for me to give back to Rockford. 

What led you to this point in Rockford and your career? 

My career has allowed me to see so many different parts of our community. I started at Chrysler’s ABD Federal Credit Union, where I helped so many working families manage their personal finances. My next job was Membership Director for the Rockford Country Club, where I worked directly with my neighbors on issues related to the club and our community. 

Since then, I have moved into nonprofit work. I did business development work for the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, and currently work as the Strong Neighborhoods Coordinator for United Way. In that role, I serve as the liaison for our neighborhood houses and help connect the people we are helping with needed resources. I will use my strong relationships and understanding of our community to work for you on City Council. 

What do you see as major issues in your ward? 

One of the most important issues facing our city is the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate the recovery, I will ensure that businesses along the N Main St and Riverside corridors are front and center in any discussions about financial support for local businesses. Any economic recovery plan that does not include meaningful investment in North Rockford is unacceptable.

What do you hope to accomplish if you win?

While recovery is important, getting us back to where we were before the pandemic isn’t enough. We need a long term plan for growth along N Main St and Riverside. One that not only saves existing businesses from the pandemic, but also supports new businesses that will put more of our neighbors to work.

I also want to improve communication in this ward. I will keep residents updated with regular newsletters that will detail important decisions being made at City Hall. I also want to keep residents up to date on community events and other opportunities for recreation and personal development in Rockford. 

Gina Meeks, Candidate for Rockford City Council 12th Ward

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