Candidate Burt Gerl

Candidate Burt Gerl

To The Democratic Voters’ of Winnebago County,

My name is Burt Gerl, I was born and raised in Winnebago County. Born at Rockford Memorial in 1976, my father was a small business owner for many decades here in our region. My mother was a stay at home mom for myself and my older brother. Why do I tell you that? Because for too many years our wages have been far stagnate compared to the overwhelming cost increases in living. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Rockford had a vibrant manufacturing market. A person could work at one of our many factories and make a decent living to raise a family and purchase a home. Today we’re faced with low paying jobs, high cost for health care and an ever raising cost in prescription drugs. Most people are hurting, we need to bring jobs back to Winnebago County and make sure we have a trained workforce ready to fill the jobs of tomorrow today. 

 That is why I’m running for Chairman, I intend on not only representing the County Board, 

but representing the County as a whole. I will not only push for collaboration with our partners but I will communicate an open and transparent form of government. 

 I will work with our elected leaders to ensure communication is not lost or neglected. I will work endlessly to bring in economic development projects that improve our future. I will be a voice in Springfield to advocate for economic and social issues facing our county and this region!

I’ve been told that there’s no chance for a Democrat to win county wide, I say they’re wrong, let us prove them wrong! Vote Vote Vote


Burt Gerl

Democratic Candidate for Winnebago County Chairperson

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