Candidate Bryan Amezquita, 4th Ward

Candidate Bryan Amezquita, 4th Ward

Who are you?

My name is Bryan Amezquita, I was born and raised in the Rockford area. In high school, I was class president and involved in multiple organizations from sports to student council.  I graduated from Rock Valley College with an Associate of Arts and Rockford University with a Bachelor’s in Education and special education endorsement. My high school sweetheart and I were married in Rockford and we both went on to teach at RPS 205. Currently, I am the CEO of a local company that I started out as an operations manager at 19. Along with that position, I own many businesses that range from Lazer engraving, product marketing,  to property investments. From working with various organizations in the community, I wanted to have my own way to give back and I founded a non-profit charity organization to help the Rockford area. My passion is to be successful with anything I put my mind to and help inspire others along the way. That is why I also wrote a book detailing insights I’ve learned in life. When I am not focusing on expanding my ventures, I am spending time with my wife, son, and our dogs.

Why are you running?

I am running for Alderman of the 4th ward. I chose to run because I believe we need leaders that are proactively working to better our community. Someone who knows the importance of being openly transparent in what they are working towards for the needs of our people and their best interests. My main calling to run for office was to be a voice for people who felt like they were not being heard. It seemed that I was a perfect choice of someone who will take all sides into consideration and will find solutions to make progress on improving how Rockford is known. A goal from me running is to have young people more involved in what happens in government at all levels. Another reason is to show my children, family, and friends that if you take action, you can accomplish anything. At this point I want in life and my career, I want to focus on the bigger picture of what I can do to help bring change and improvements to this world. 

What do you see as the major concerns in your ward?

From talking to multiple people, I have found four major concerns with our Ward. The first three are crime, infrastructure, and communication on constituent services. A widely held belief is that this stems from the fourth issue, which is inactivity. We need someone who is proactively engaging with community members to seek out and bring awareness to the issues and lead the way to make a change. Our ward needs someone that is willing to be front and center on what is being done in Rockford. New ideas and initiatives will help improve the three main issues, but it will take an active person willing to get the job done. 

What do you hope to accomplish if you win?

If I win, I will focus on being a main figure who will ensure Rockford continues to improve on being the best city to work, invest, and raise our families. I will be a person that people know they can count on to get back to them when they try to contact me. They will know I will do whatever it takes to make progress on the issues and communication along the way will be held to a high standard. My vision is to create a positive image for how people view Rockford from its citizens to those living outside of our community. Together we can take pride in where we call home.

Bryan Amezquita, Candidate for Rockford City Council Ward 4

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