Ballot Boxes

Ballot Boxes

Whether you live within the city limits of Rockford, or elsewhere in Winnebago County, registered voters will have the option of receiving their ballot by mail, and either returning it by mail or by drop boxes located just outside the administration buildings for Winnebago County or the Rockford Board of Elections, respectively.

Vote by Mail has been securely in place for many, many years, but the need for social distancing due to Covid-19 has dramatically increased the number of voters seeking to vote in this manner, instead of in person. Voter concerns about mailing their voted ballots prompted both administrative election offices to arrange for secure drop boxes. Boxes at both buildings will be emptied daily, and will be monitored by security cameras.

The ballot box located outside the county admin building is being repurposed for the election, as it normally receives tax payments. The city’s drop box is brand new, and will be installed on 2nd Avenue, near the corner of S. 6th Street, by October 1st.

Early voting begins Thursday, September 24th, at both administration buildings, and vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed beginning that day as well.

If you vote by mail, and intend to use the drop box to return your ballot, be sure to use the appropriate drop box that corresponds with the return address on your ballot envelope. County voters, use the box at 404 Elm Street, and city voters use the box at 301 S. 6th Street, located along 2nd Avenue.

If by chance your ballot makes it to the wrong box, city and county election staff will redirect your ballot to the appropriate office. But, please, help them out by making a concerted effort to drop them at the right location. Most importantly, vote.

Have questions about voting? City: 815-987-5750, County: 815-319-4252

Linda Lundquist